Who's Who

St Ninian's is now Corby : Church of Scotland.

The team consists of 

The Kirk Session and Session Clerk Anne Forrester.

Anne is Clerk to the Elders of the Church and the Trustees of the Charity; she assists the Kirk Session in managing all the operations of the congregation apart from the conduct of worship.

An Interim Moderator - the Rev'd Scott Rennie

Rev'd Scott takes responsibility for chairing the Kirk Session and overall running of worship. He will most likely make first contact with you if you make an enquiry about a wedding, funeral or Baptism.

An Associate Minister - Rev'd Scott McCarthy

Rev'd Scott facilitates the Corby Ministry Team and leads the Kirk Session in discerning the future ministry of Corby Church of Scotland.

An Auxiliary Minister and Journeyman Preacher - Rev'd Mike Binks

Rev'd Mike leads worship on the Pulpit Supply list, helps with Messy Church and Technology. He facilitates the Weekly Bible Study on Zoom and Morning Prayers

A Reader - Mrs Elaine Milligan

Elaine leads worship on the Pulpit Supply list and convenes the congregation's Pastoral Care team.