Sunday 14th July 10:00 

Corby, Church of Scotland

Sunday Worship

led by Rev'd Scott McCarthy

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Corby Church of Scotland Order of Service Sunday 14th July 2024

The Seventh Sunday after Trinity

1st Hymn CH4 458 At the name of Jesus

Prayer of Approach and The Lord’s Prayer

2nd Hymn CH4 18 The earth belongs to God alone

Lighting of the Peace Candle
Old Testament/Letter Reading Amos 7.7-15 (A N Other) 

Prayer of Confession (said by all)
3rd Hymn CH4 120 God we praise you
Gospel Reading Mark 6.14-29 (Scott)

The Collect (said by all) 
God of the prophets,
whose word cuts through
the webs of power
and holds the tyrant to account:
be with all who raise their voice
against oppression and misrule,
who are imprisoned and abused
for freedom’s sake;
help us to stand and speak with them
and witness to your kingdom now;
through Jesus Christ, the name above all others. Amen.

4th Hymn CH4 103 Fill your hearts with joy and gladness


Offering (CH4 807 Praise God from whom all blessings flow)

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Intercession
News and intimations
5th Hymn CH4 740 For all the saints

Benediction (Threefold Amen CH4 819)