Sunday 21st April 10:00 

The Third Sunday of Easter

Corby, Church of Scotland

led by Rev'd Scott McCarthy

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Corby Church of Scotland
Order of Service Sunday 21st April 2024
The Fourth Sunday of Easter

Call to Worship
1st Hymn CH4 200 Christ is made the sure foundation 

Prayer of Approach and The Lord’s Prayer

Psalm 23 CH4 14 (1) The Lord’s my Shepherd (sung by all)

 Lighting of the Peace Candle

2nd Hymn CH4 425 The Saviour died, but rose again Prayer of Confession

Reading: 1 John 3.16-24

3rd Hymn CH4 551 In heavenly love abiding

Gospel Reading John 10.11-18

The Collect (said by all)

Lord of the sheepfold,
whose love is not for hire,
who calls to himself
the victims of the world:
we thank you that Christ
laid down his life for us
when we could not help ourselves;
in the weakness of his love
give us strength to work for peace
in the world he came to serve,
through Jesus Christ, the good shepherd. Amen.

4th Hymn CH4 462 The King of Love my shepherd is 

(Praise God from whom all blessings flow) 

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession (Trish Jess)
News and intimations

5th Hymn I will sing the wondrous story (Calon Lan)

Benediction (Three-fold Amen)